Seven Short Plays Written by Len Cuthbert
Produced by Fridge Door Live Theatre Company

Faded Shorts

A young lady visits her previous family doctor for a second opinion.

Two distinctive girls uncover their parallel lives.

One sister needs attention. The other needs the beach.

In a subway station, a young mother meets her great grandmother for the first time.
(Produced by Warner International Playwrights Fesival, Torrington, CT, Oct 2020)

Cruzar is the most terrifying yet most satsfying ride. It's the ride you leave until last.

Two friends discuss the value of words.

In a digital world, who's really in control?
(Published in Synkroniciti Magazine, Houston, TX, Sep 2020)

This set of shorts -- featuring a great group of quirky female characters -- is energetic and entirely engaging. Len Cuthbert has a wonderful imagination for the possibilities of sci fi, technology and metaphor, woven into what at first seem to be everyday situations and then turn into very high stakes, moving, life-and-death conflicts. I leaned in throughout. Would love to see the entire evening staged. Victoria Z. Daly

I highly recommend this collection of pieces about life and death, time and space, family and strangers, and of most importance, roller coasters. 7 rapid-fire, surprising, tender and heart-breaking plays that would make a wonderful evening of theater. John Busser

What a haunting discussion of life between two besties. It is at once frank and mysterious and heartbreaking and warm. Will leave you thinking. Well done, Cuthbert. (Death of an Epitaph) D. Lee Miller

Death of an Epitaph is a graveyard exchange about the meaning of words on a headstone. The dialogue is quick and fast-paced with a deeper story between the lines. Rebecca Dietsch

Faded Shorts was among our Final Favorites; in this jury process. Theatre Company

This is a great set of shorts strung together by a really engaging and thought provoking theme. Fast paced, funny, and ominous all in one breath. This playwright has a flare for turning slice of life moments into something surprising and thought-provoking. I'd love to see this evening of shorts on stage. Great roles for women / female identifying actors - it would be a lot of fun to dig into as an actor. Jennifer Walton

Strathroy, ON


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Len Cuthbert
Playwright, Director

Len is the founding director of Fridge Door Live Theatre Company. His plays have been produced in Canada, US and Europe. Locally, he has produced, directed and acted. His collection of award winning short scripts, Reunited Shorts, that appeared at the 2019 London Fringe Festival, will be published by Dramatic Publishing in 2020. www.LenCuthbert.com

Len Cuthbert's scripts are taut and clever.
London Free Press Review, 2019


Lauryn Andersson

Sarah From

Sarah From

Sarah From is thrilled to be coming back to work with Fridge Door Live Theatre Company again after taking a short hiatus. Sarah started working with Fridge Door in 2012 in the Fringe Festival as DJ in delilah. Since then she has performed in Anne Frank & Me, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Grace Mission, and Short of 30 with the company. Sarah has also been in many other school productions, most recently as Beatrice in The Cenci at Western University, where she currently a student taking a Chemical Engineering and Biology double major. Sarah would like to thank you for coming and hopes you enjoy the show.


Cheyenne McLean

Cheyenne McLean

Cheyenne is delighted to be making her Fringe debut with The Fridge Door Live Theatre Company! Cheyenne is an actor and singer from Sault Ste. Marie, and a graduate of the Theatre Performance program at Fanshawe College. She is a founding member of the theatre group The Peanut Gallery and directed their most recent production of Pterodactyls by Nicky Silver. Select stage credits include Tommy (Pacheco), Punch Up (The Peanut Gallery), The Wedding Singer (MTP), Middletown (Fanshawe), and Hello Dolly! (The Sault Symphony Orchestra). Short film roles include The Consoler (MatVat Productions), and Meanwhile on the Forgotten Front (Fresh Fish Productions). Upcoming projects include the short film The Stone Screen directed by Gareth Ross. She would like to thank her cat Jasper for his support.


Naomi Simpson

Naomi Simpson