At Some Point Everyone Needs A Second Chance
A New Musical Written by Len Cuthbert & Fynn Cuthbert


Grace Mission
© Len Cuthbert (Script) & Fynn Cuthbert (Music) 2016


Synopsis: Grace Mission is a musical about seven Grade 12 students in their final year of high school. The guys have a band and want to enter a big music contest but need one more guy to compete. The girls want to be part of it but don't have the musical talent, so they think. Enter O'Grady, a new student, the perfect addition to the guys dilemma. But by the time prom night arrives, everything about O'Grady's past, present and future will have created enough chaos to leave everyone pondering the values of life, acceptance, and grace.

Music composed by Fynn Cuthbert
Lyrics by Len Cuthbert except *lyrics by Fynn Cuthbert

No Time For Goodbye
The Girl Is Unique (Hali Shalevinski-Carmona-Berlitz)
This Is Just A Test
The Same Street

Face The Music
Houston We Have A Problem
You Play Piano?
Janine's Audition
Grace Mission
No Time For Goodbye Reprise
Amazing Grace (adapted by Fynn Cuthbert)

A new work written and directed by the writer of the award winning plays, delilah., and Oz in a Clozet
and director of Anne Frank & Me and All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten