Reunited Shorts

Award Winning Short Plays Written by Len Cuthbert
Produced by Fridge Door Live Theatre Company

Poster Reunited Shorts was published by Dramatic Publishing following the 2019 production.


Reunited Shorts is a collection of short plays on the theme of reunions that have all won productions in festivals around the world. Each story is unique and is about the circumstances surrounding bringing people back together. All six plays were written by Len Cuthbert. Below are the descriptions and history of the plays.

Len Cuthbert

Reunited Shorts Sometimes you need a reminder of why you broke up.

2015: Boots Theatre Festival, Chicago, IL (Semi-Finalist)
Jan 2015: Grand Theatre Playwrights' Cabaret, London, ON
Mar 2015: Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, NC
Jun 2016: The Phoenix Stage Company, Oakville, CT
Jul 2018: Eagle & Beaver Ensemble, London, UK

Reunited Shorts A woman seeks help from a lawyer who is part of her problem.

Jul 2015: City Theatre of Independence, Kansas, MO
Sep 2015: London Public Library, London, ON
Feb 2017: Working Title Playwrights, Atlanta, GA

Reunited Shorts A couple with a strangely perfect marriage consider altering their circle of life.

Oct 2011: NUFAN Tables & Chairs Festival, Chicago, IL
May 2012: Luxembourg Play Festival, Luxembourg

Reunited Shorts We've changed since High School. Especially you.

Dec 2015: Smoked Apple Theatre Group, Louisville, KY
Jan 2016: Grand Theatre Playwrights' Cabaret, London, ON
Apr 2016: Falling Pennies Theatre Company, London, UK
Jul 2016: Starlite Players, Sarasota, FL
Feb 2017: South Walton High School, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Jan 2019: Playwrights' Round Table, Orlando, FL

2016: Semi-finalist, Ohlone College, Freemont, CA
2018: Semi-finalist, Acme New Works, Maynard, MA
2016: AlphaNYC Theatre Co, NYC (festival cancelled)

What I like about this play is that there is a lot of humor in it beyond the 2 big reveals. (Dev Zebra, Director. Playwrights Round Table 2019)

Reunited Shorts A young lady asks her best friend to cheer her on one last time. The hardest yet.

Mar 2011: Rising Sun Performance Co, NYC (Public Reading)
*Apr 2011: London One Act Festival, London, ON
*Jun 2011: InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, ON
Jul 2011: Rising Sun Performance Company, NYC
Aug 2011: Boxfest Detroit, Detroit, MI
Jan 2012: Acme Theater, Maynard, MA
May 2012: Blue Slipper Theatre, Montana
2012: Minnesota Shorts Festival (Semi-Finalist)

*People's Choice Award

delilah. was developed to a full play. In 2012, a 60-minute version was staged at the London Fringe Festival. In 2013, a 2-act version was staged independently in London.

Reunited Shorts Two youth discover each other during the last dance.

Apr 2017: Geneva Theatre, Geneva NY (Public Reading)
May-Jun 2017: InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, ON
Jan 2018: InspiraTO Directors' Toolbox, Toronto, ON
Mar 2018: Creative Circuit Studios, San Antonio, TX
Apr-May 2018: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Jul 2018: Barrington Collective, Manhattan, NYC (Public Reading)
May 2019: Still Water Short Play Festival, Stillwater, OK

I am very excited about this piece! I was touched reading it, and I hope that others will get the same goosebumps I did at the reveal. (Kelsey Bruce, Director, U. of Alabama Scene Festival 2018)

This play was developed into the 2-hour musical, Short of 30, and toured in June 2018.