Delilah is Growing Up
Trish West for Beat Magazine

First off I’d like to say that this year’s Fringe production of Delilah is not what you may have seen during the London One Act Festival in 2011. Yes…the heart of the play is still there and you may recognize a moment taken from that original 20 min performance…but it has grown – adding depth and layers to this now 60 minute production.

The cast was prepared and comfortable in their roles and with each other – each believable and honest to their character. Everyone was successful in displaying their unique individuality as they worked together as well as off each other. The writing is successful in portraying the dynamics found within this dysfunctional family – providing us real characters despite the challenges each face. There are moments we can relate to (I have a teenage daughter), moments we laugh (if you need a few good chicken jokes – this is the place!) and moments where one might reflect….

My only disappointment was the lighting at times seemed low... now I admit I don’t know anything about coordinating lighting and I am sure it was no easy task to plan for the 6 shows taking turns on this stage. A combination of lighting, blocking and costumes made it difficult at times to see the reactions and expressions of the actors on stage.

Len Cuthbert has received support by The Ontario Arts Council recommended by The Grand Theatre in hopes to develop this into a full length play. I can only imagine how difficult it was to keep this story to the hour time slot considering the many details and several story lines he’s created within. It will be nice to have the opportunity that a full length play can offer – time to immerse ourselves in this story as we connect with each character… giving each their moment to take hold in our mind. To give the audience the time to pause, take a breath as they take it all in – providing time needed to identify those subtle moments that touch us individually... I’m looking forward to it.

This story isn’t about dying or regrets… but about living and the only regret will be yours if you miss this Fringe show.

3.5 / 4