delilah. is a tragicomedy that presents the entwined conflicted relationships of twelve year-old Dee-J, her brother and legal guardian, Mick, his former foster sister, Jade and her best friend, Delilah. Strewn with subjects like cancer, passive euthanasia, and adoption, the driving central theme of this play is abandonment. Take a journey with these four characters as they are confronted with Life and Death; Love and Hate; Discovery and Abandonment.

The 10-minute script premiered as a public reading by Rising Sun Performance Company in New York City on March 29, 2011 and premiered as a production at the London One Act Festival April 26, 2011. The 60-minute production premiered May 30, 2012, at The Grand's McManus Theatre, 471 Richmond, London, ON. The 2-Act production premiered April 3, 2013 in London, ON.


delilah - heartwarming and humourous
Written by Jamie-Lee Wilson, April 4, 2013
For The Beat Magazine, London, ON

delilah, now playing at the YFC London Youth Centre Theatre, is the full-length version of the London Fringe Festival play which received a nomination for Best Original Script from both the DISH Awards and The Brickendens. And a really great script it is! Issues of child abuse and neglect, the meaning of ‘family’, coming of age and the difficulties often associated, the right to live as one chooses, and the right to die ... [more]

3*/ 4


A Powerful, Relatable Story
Submitted by Kirsten Rosenkrantz on Fri, June 8, 2012

Some plays exist to shock us, some for the purpose of creative expression, while others are simply meant for entertainment. delilah exists to remind us of all the things we so easily forget. The characters in this play are ... [more]

delilah delights
By JOE BELANGER, The London Free Press
June 8, 2012 11:31pm

Life is seldom fair, but somehow it mostly balances out in the end.

The fun, the joy, love lost and found, the hurt and pain is the stuff that feeds that desperate need within us all to belong to a family, to friends, to something -- anything -- that helps us cope with the uncertainty of life and certainty of death.

And that's about all one really should say about the story that is called delilah, written and directed by London's Len Cuthbert and performed Friday at the Grand Theatre's McManus Studio on the second day of the London Fringe Festival.

This is an outstanding 60-minute play, extended from the highly-acclaimed 10-minute version that debuted at last year's London One Act Festival.

The four-member cast ... [more]

Rating: **** (out of five)

Delilah is Growing Up
Trish West for Beat Magazine

First off I’d like to say that this year’s Fringe production of Delilah is not what you may have seen during the London One Act Festival in 2011. Yes…the heart of the play is still there and you may recognize a moment taken from that original 20 min performance…but it has grown – adding depth and layers to this now ... [more]

3.5 / 4