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1. Where did the name, Fridge Door Live! come from?

The refridgerator is commonly the display area for our artwork. For this performing arts program, the art comes to life on the stage. "Imagination Brought To Life." Isn't it nice having one less piece of art stuck to the fridge door?

2. How are positive moral themes or virtues incorporated?

A great thing about the performing arts is the natural ability to communicate something to be learned or discovered. Cast members will learn, discover and develop, simply by involvement. Each session's activities and play script incorporate a positive moral value. Some themes have included, non-conformity, perspective, working together and grace/justice. Activities are often developed with the intent of reinforcing these themes and values. This is the idea behind the value, Betterment of Youth. We hope that each cast member will go away looking at life's circumstances in a different way.

3. What is meant by A Performing Arts Experience?

Part of the mission of the Theatre Company is to Build Confidence, Develop Competence and Encourage Cooperation in youth. This comes about by interaction with the leaders, involvement in the planned theatre activities and by preparing for and performing in the final production. While youth will develop artistically from the activities, the primary purpose of the programs is to build, develop and encourage youth by engaging them in a positive theatre experience.

4. What plays are used for the production?

Durnig the Summer, scripts written by the director Len Cuthbert are used. Len has had plays produced in festivals in Canada, US and the UK with more than 150 performances. During the school year, a variety of purchased and written script will be used. Since each group is unique in size and mix of gender, the choice of script requires a great deal of last minute flexibility.

5. What do you mean by "founded on basic faith values"?

The Theatre Company embraces basic faith principles in the way we conduct the program and the theme we choose. These basic principles include caring for, respecting, and encouraging each other in action and language. Many people have commented on the positive and healthy atmosphere of all FDLTC camps and programs which can be attributed to this.

6. Will there be other boys in the group?

On average, boys make up 1/3 to 1/2 of the cast, but each year and each program varies considerably.

7. Does everyone in the production get an equal part?

Almost all scripts are designed with a variety of characters that vary in size. That's the characteristic of a good story. Everyone is matched up with a part that seems most suited to them. We do our best to try and make good matches. We also can't emphasize enough that the program is very much about the process of a "performing arts experience" and not just about the final production. The week is designed to be about experiencing theatre together and growing in confidence, competence and working together, no matter if a youth has had lots of theatre experience or none at all. The final production and the acting, singing and choreography are just one part of the whole week's experiences.

8. What happens if my child can't attend every session?

For the benefit and courtesy of everyone, it is so important that each cast member attends every session. Time is limited and an absent cast member affects everyone. Occasionally, scheduled appointments will make it impossible to attend a session or part of it and this is understandable. In those cases, please inform the leadership as soon as possible. If you anticipate your child being absent for more than two sessions (during the school year) or part of a day (during the Summer), please do not register for the program or camp. In addition, the final production is a vital part of the program and involves all participants. If your child won't be able to participate in the final production, please do not register him/her.

9. Why didn't you include my question?

Because you haven't asked it yet? Your question is important and we would love the opportunity to answer it. Just click on the @ sign below and you will be able to email us. You might also be looking for clarity on something that has been described above. Your question is important to you and us!