Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the
Royal Canadian Air Force

Snapshots 2024

Photos of Couple: by Lumir Hladik @ InspiraTO Festival
Photo of Aileen "Sunny" Phillips used by permission

Wright Family Foundation Green Lane Trust Township of Southwold

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Fynn Cuthbert Fynn Cuthbert
Actor, Singer, Musician, Composer
Fynn has been involved in music and theatre for as long as he can remember. As a proud graduate of St. Clair College's Musical Theatre Performance program, he has since been involved in dozens of theatrical productions in the GTA, not only as a performer but as an award-nominated composer/lyricist and music director. Fynn also self-produced a demo EP of original songs called Feel the Universe and is currently working on his first professionally produced album. New clips and snippets of his original songs and bits from his upcoming musical in collaboration with Brittany Miranda, can be found on his TikTok @fynncuthbert. www.FynnCuthbert.com
Haley Kriz
Actor, Singer, Choreographer
Haley has been an actor in Len’s original work since 2017 and is thrilled to be back for Snapshots. Haley is a proud graduate of St. Clair College's Musical Theatre Performance program in Windsor. For Fridge Door Live Theatre company: 107, Faded Shorts, Reunited Shorts, Short of 30, Grace Mission. Other Theatre credits include: Tinker’s Toy Factory, The Mistletones, The Pumpkin Patches (Canada’s Wonderland), Performer and Manager of Pirate Life Theatre, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Priscilla: Queen of the desert (Lower Ossington Theatre), Cinderella in Into the Woods, Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher, The Pajama Game (St. Clair College). Keep up to date with Haley on her website, www.HaleyKriz.com. Enjoy the show.
Haley Kriz
Brittany Miranda Brittany Miranda
Actor, Singer
Known for her big voice, chipper personality and crazy curly hair, Brittany has been cultivating her diverse artistic career since graduating from the joint theatre program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in 2015. Select theatre credits include Alice in Alice in Wonderland (Stephenville), The Postulant/Sister Sophia u/s in The Sound of Music (Thousand Islands), Sally Bowles in Cabaret (The LOT), and Margaret in Carrie: the Musical (Hart House). During the pandemic Brittany created a personalized song and story experience for elders in long-term care, with support from The Musical Stage Company’s Musical Moments initiative. She was also the featured vocalist for Imajjine’s jazz recording of Serenity in Blue, and is currently developing a musical in collaboration with Fynn Cuthbert. https://www.dacostatalent.com/brittany-miranda

Len Cuthbert
Len is the founding director of Fridge Door Live Theatre Company. His plays have been produced in Canada, US and Europe. His collection of short plays about reunions, Reunited Shorts, was published by Dramatic Publishing in 2020. His script, 107, was produced at the 2021 London Fringe Festival, 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival and 2022 Newmarket International One Act Festival, and was published by Original Works Publishing in 2023. www.LenCuthbert.com
Len Cuthbert


Aces Don't Lie
Experience the unexpected adventures of several local veterans who trained or worked at the RCAF Bombing & Gunnery School in Fingal, Ontario during WW2
Includes new original songs: Copacetic Boy, Maybe You Don't Need Glasses, Letter to a Girl, Up in the Air, Lifetime Move

Last Dance
Two youth discover each other during the last dance
Last Dance was originally staged in 2017 at the InspiraTO Festival in Toronto and is now included in Len Cuthbert's collection of short plays,
Reunited Shorts, published by Dramatic Publishing in 2020.
Life is the Train, Not the Station
Two people from different generations ride the VIA and discover their unique connection to the Fingal B&G.

Two distinctive girls uncover their parallel lives
Stolperstein was orginally staged, recorded and made available for stream on demand at GarageTheatre.ca. It was produced at the
Stillwater Short Play Festival in Oklahoma, April 23-24, 2022, winning the People's Choice Award

The Other Side
A song about the lives of three RCAF veterans


[We] enjoyed ‘Snapshots’ yesterday! The play was well-written and creative, beautifully acted, very moving/funny at times, and an incredibly appropriate tribute to the history of Southwold/Fingal and, specifically, to those who sacrificed their lives for us and our freedom! If I were a resident of your community, I would be deeply proud! (Heck, I’m not a resident and I’m still deeply proud!). Congratulations to you and everyone involved for capturing so effectively a piece of your local history, and inspiring so many of us in the process!

My mom and I went to the Snapshots production yesterday. We thought it was wonderful.

A wonderful production! I laughed, I cried, I learned. We enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed well done!

It was incredible do not miss it.

We are so grateful as a family for the incredible emotional theatre we experienced today. The performance was absolutely breathtaking, and it truly touched our hearts. Both my Dad and siblings were equally moved by the experience. We truly cannot express our gratitude enough.

Kudos to the playwright Len Cuthbert, the Southwold War Veterans Memorial Committee and the Southwold History Committee. We laughed, we cried, we learned and we remembered.

My wife & I really loved your Flagship Erie & Snapshot plays. Congratulations!

Snapshots Show was excellent!

The three actors, Haley Kriz, Brittany Miranda, and Fynn Cuthbert, were amazing! I knew a bit about Fingal but only from hiking there a few times.

Saw the show last night. Really well done. Highly entertaining, and I learned a thing or two as well. Quality script, quality performances.

I loved the show! thank you so much!

I went right on the last minute and it was fantastic! The trio is so talented... It was beautiful, laughs, tears, so emotional. A must see. Learnt a lot also. Full of history and a lot to think and understand. Loved every piece of it. Thank you!💖🤗

Just had to send a note to let you know that we all loved Snapshots and were very impressed with your work. Even my husband who doesn't typically enjoy theatre productions thought it was great. Honestly so well written and performed. I love how you were able to bring a local historical event to life in such a way that even an "outsider" like me was drawn in and interested in the lives of these local heroes. There were some really good lines in there, too--ones that had me reflecting on the importance of spending your time wisely and investing in people. And yes, I even cried--the lives of those veterans cut short for us. You should know that I was definitely influenced, informed, and inspired. :)

I loved the artifacts, stories and the play was amazing! There were funny parts, sad parts, and I couldn't believe there were only three actors in the show. (8-year old)

We enjoyed it, it was a treat and right here in Strathroy, talented people.

It was well done and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing some history of the area.