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Faded Shorts
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Spring 2021
Strathroy & London

Following the success of 2019's Reunited Shorts, Fridge Door Live Theatre Company returns with Faded Shorts, seven new short plays by Len Cuthbert.

Len Cuthbert's scripts are taut and clever. London Free Press Review, 2019

Past Productions
  Garage Theatre Reunited Shorts
by Len Cuthbert
May 31-June 8, 2019
by Len Cuthbert

Finding Fox

Short of 30

Grace Mission 2017
October 16-20, 2018
by Len Cuthbert
June 9-16, 2018
by Len Cuthbert & Fynn Cuthbert
May 27-June 10, 2017
by Len Cuthbert & Fynn Cuthbert

All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Anne Frank & Me

April 1-16, 2016
by Ernest Zulia & David Caldwell
April 23-May 2, 2015
by Cherie Bennett
April 3-6, 2013
by Len Cuthbert


Oz In A Clozet

Trilogy of Bob & Angelina

May 30 & June 8-17, 2012
by Len Cuthbert

June 18-26, 2011
by Len Cuthbert

June 17-27, 2010
by Len Cuthbert