Anne Frank & Me, by Cherie Bennett

by Cherie Bennett

Produced by Special Arrangement with
of Woodstock, Illinois

APRIL 23 - MAY 2, 2015
@ The YFC Youth Centre Theatre
254 Adelaide S., London, ON
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Sarah From
Sarah From
Nicole Burns
/ Nicole Bernhardt

Sarah is thrilled to be in this production of Anne Frank ...

Eden Reshef
Eden Reshef
Little-Bit Burns
/ Liz-Bette Bernhardt

Eden is 11 years old and is attending L.B. Pearson School ...

Heather Bryson
Heather Bryson

Mimi Baker
/ Mimi Poulin

Heather is currently a student at A.B Lucas Secondary School ...

Vivien Adler
Suzanne Lee / Suzanne Lebeau
Anne Frank

Vivien is thrilled, making her Fridge Door Live Theatre ...

Briana Kennedy
Briana Kennedy
Chrissy Gullet
/ Christina Goulet

Briana is a grade 12 student at Saunders Secondary ...

Fynn Cuthbert
Fynn Cuthbert
Jack Polin
/ Jacques Poulin

Fynn Cuthbert is a Grade 11 student at SDCI in Strathroy. ...

David Macdonald
David Macdonald
David Berg
/ David Ginsberg

David is ecstatic to be involved with this production of Anne ...

Jacob Wilcox
Jacob Wilcox
Eddie Valley
/ Edouard Vallee

Jacob is thrilled to be a part of another Fridge Door Live Theatre Company ...


Tammy Vink
Tammy Vink
Renee Zooms
/ Renee Bernhardt
Mary Burns

Tammy is very excited to be part of this experience and play ...

Brent Haugh
Brent Haugh
John Urkin
/ Jean Bernhardt

Being a part of the amazing cast of Anne Frank & Me will be ...


Len Cuthbert
Len Cuthbert

Len is the creator and director of Fridge Door Live Theatre ...

Alice Collins
Alice Collins

Dance Instructor

Alice is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. ...

Heather Heywood
Heather Heywood


There are few things Heather loves more than make-up. In ...

Rebecca Cuthbert
Rebecca Cuthbert
Stage Manager

Rebecca Cuthbert has experienced most of her career working in the ...

Ayala Reshef

Hebrew & Culture Coach

Mike Lee

Promotional Design

Chris Nichols

Set Construction

Allycia Coolidge

Costume Assistant

Ethan Thompson
Lighting Operator