Finding Fox

A New Play Written by Len Cuthbert
Produced by Fridge Door Live Theatre Company


Finding Fox

Len Cuthbert's play, Finding Fox began as a 10-minute play that was developed and staged at the Grand Theatre's Playwrights' Cabaret in London, Ontario, January 17, 2014. It was directed by Jeff Culbert and performed by actors Rachel Jones, Chris George and Hannah Drew.

From July 25-August 2, 2014, it was part of the Artists' Exchange One Act Festival in Cranston, RI and was directed by Gladys Cole. The following year, 2015, it was a finalist in a festival with Parish Players in Vermont and with Acme New Works Winter Fest in Massachusetts.

During the following three years, the play was developed and rewritten extensively to the two act play being presented in October 2018.

Len Cuthbert