Finding Fox

A New Play Written by Len Cuthbert
Produced by Fridge Door Live Theatre Company


Finding Fox

Finding Fox is a new two-act play, written by Len Cuthbert, about a high school drama teacher that is approached in the airport waiting lounge by a young lady who says she knows him. Through a series of additional scenes from the past to the future, it is evident that we have unimaginable potential to impact lives beyond our reach. A dramatic story with several humourous moments, inspired by teachers that influenced the writer.

Finding Fox will bring to memory those teachers that made a lasting impact on you and will encourage you to reach out to them to thank them, because they didn't just impact you, they impacted everyone you will ever come into contact with in your life.

Len Cuthbert


"Congratulations cast & crew - and of course to the playwright! - for mounting a highly original and thought-provoking production. Very good performances, and some beautiful writing. Those hard-working stage-hands really stayed on top of their job!"

"Best show I've seen in a long time."

"Loved Len Cuthbert’s latest production, Finding Fox! An excellent script, creative storytelling, and talented actors!"

"Great show"

"What an incredible show tonight.... Finding Fox. Thank you for this amazing production....."

"Loved it!"

"Another amazing production, Len Cuthbert! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it."

"Fantastic show! Great cast!! AWESOME writing! If you are sitting around with nothing to do tonight....get your butt to this show ! Congrats all!"

"Great production, Len! Some fascinating "aha" moments and a number of good "ha ha" moments in the writing."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this show!!!"

"It was so good!!’ Way to go Tammy and the rest of the cast! Heather May you rocked that role!!!

[Heather May] You were amazingly hilarious! Chris McAuley you were great!!!"

"This play is delightful and this woman is an acting crack! Don’t miss it!"

"I was able to watch this play last night - well done by both cast and crew."